About us:


Operating Since 2005, we are one of the biggest private home haunted walks located in the SW Florida area. We are a free admission trick-or-treat home haunted walk. We do appreciate donations to help compensate the cost of our haunted nightmare. Our haunted is about 10 minutes to walk through, which contains starling nightmares scares, blood, gore and intense themes. Our haunt is intended for adults and children of normal trick-or-treating age. Not recommended for very small children. This has become a much anticipated event throughout the neighborhood and in all honesty, probably gives as much or more joy to us "grown-ups" putting on the show as the kids who come back year after year. Please remember this is a private residence and we reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone for any reason. This is our home. Check out the rules on our website, we designed this haunt with safety in mind. Come check out the creations made by us, with a front yard cemetery display Dead Oak Cemetery. But don't stop there, come take a walk inside our 1000 square foot haunted house inhabitant by the backwoods Courwell family, then get lost in the pallet maze, and finds yourself in the middle of the Cirque De Cay Freak Show.


Important: Please read and understanding fully before entering our haunt.


This Haunted attraction contains Motion Props and Strobe lights and Fog. If you are pregnant or have a heart condition we ask that you do not enter our haunt for your safety. Strobe lights have been known to cause seizures if you look directly at them for long periods of time. The maze inside the haunt is narrow in many spots and light is low.


Rules of Our Haunt:

No running

No smoking

No alcohol

No food or drinks

No pushing or shoving

No banging on the walls

Do not touch any of the props and decorations inside the attraction.

Do not heckle or harass the talent in the attraction.

Touch nothing and nothing will touch you!

Get Scared and scream as much as you want!

Have Respect!

No cell phones permitted inside the haunt. Please keep your cell phone in a safe place, if dropped in the haunt we can not guarantee it will be recovered. 


NO Flashlights / Cell Phone Lights - It's a haunted house with dark designed scare zones



Be aware, that for everyone's safety, surveillance cameras are used inside this attraction. If you feel uncomfortable about this, we ask for you not to enter.

Any violation of the above rules will result in removal from the attraction. Any damage done by any individual to the attraction will be reported to local law enforcement.

By entering this attraction you have agreed to all these terms and accept all liability.

We have complied some questions that we get asked every year from visitor's.


Q: How much does it cost? 

A: FREE! We do have a donation box and appreciate any donation you could         give.  We also have Paypal set up on our site if you'd like to make a                   donation through Paypal!!


Q: Will Anything Touch me? 

A: No one will touch you, please keep your hands to yourself 


Q: How long does it take to set up?

A: We do work year round making new props and plans, but set-up time                 usually takes 8 weeks. (4 weeks to tear down)


 Q: How can I Help? 

A: A Nightmare on Third Street does accept donations. If you'd like to donate        via PayPal, click on our donation button on our home page. We are also             looking for sponsors so if you have a service we can use, drop us a line.

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